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Bankruptcy And Business Attorney

Chapter 7 / Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The Law Office of Jeffrey K. Greenwell, PLLC represents both individuals and businesses in Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy. We evaluate your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses and discuss with you the best available options inside and outside of bankruptcy. Furthermore, we focus on putting you in the best net economic position possible while helping you navigate your difficult situation with as little stress as possible.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Debt Negotiations & Workouts

Eliminating financial distress does not always require a bankruptcy. Because banks, credit card companies, and other creditors often prefer to work with you to solve financial and contractual issues, we offer alternatives to bankruptcy. For example, a negotiated settlement or workout may put you in a better position than a bankruptcy.  Therefore, we will analyze your situation to determine your best options and will move forward in providing the best viable outcome for you.

Business Formation & Development

In addition to bankruptcy law, we also help form and develop businesses. Choosing the correct entity is imperative to help your business succeed. We will review your goals, determine the best business structure according to your goals, and draft the necessary paperwork to get your new entity off the ground. We will also counsel you on how to correctly run your new business. As a result, you will understand piercing the corporate veil issues, your duty of loyalty, your duty of care, and other issues that involve business ownership.

Commercial Law & Contracts

Contractual issues can be a significant source of stress, and improper contracts can sometimes lead to a person filing bankruptcy. To relieve your stress, we will meet with you to explain your negotiation and litigation options. If you need a contract drafted, or need us to review and revise an existing contract, we will take the necessary steps to ensure your document is ironclad.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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